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The set features the following track listing: DVD 1 - Japan Tour 90: Love Aint Easy, Like Never Before, Gimmie Gimmie, Girl Gone Crazy, I'll Never Let You Go, Can't Stop Me Lovin You, Drum/Guitar Solo, Rock N Roll (I Just Wanna). Videos: Ill Never Let You Go, Cant Stop Me Lovin You, Shes Gone, Everybody Loves Eileen, Sticky Side Up, Wait. Acoustic Show (from Hong Kong): Shes Gone, Sheila, Mama Dont You Cry, Electric Chair, Shangrila. DVD 2 -Bootleg Concert - Toads Place ?91: Backstage, Like Never Before, ?Everybody Loves Eileen, Instrumental Jam, Sheila, Ill Never Let You Go?, ?She?s Gone, Down N Dirty?. Extras: ?I?ll Never Let You Go? (TV), Shes Gone (TV), The Making Of Everybody Loves Eileen, ?Shes Gone (alternate version), Before Steelheart There Was Red Alert, Photo Gallery, Interview - London 90, Interview - New Haven ?91, Interview - Hollywood 92, The Making Of Tangled In Reins?, Soundcheck, The Accident In Denver.





Steelheart - 'Still Hard' (DVD) Released in 2007 through Steelheart Records THE BAND: Miljenko Matijevic (a.k.a. Michael Matijevic) - vocals/guitar/piano Chris Risola - lead guiitar Frank Di Costanzo - rhythm guitar John Flower - drums James Ward - bass The first performance on disc one was filmed on Steelheart's Japanese tour in 1990 in support of the band's self-titled freshman release. The entire crowd knows what song the band is opening the show with just as soon as they hear the distinct familiar Miljenko vocal scream of ...Love...Ain t... Easy... . From this vocal line up throughout the rest of the concert, the five members of Steelheart give 2 hundred and ten percent! On the second song Like Never Before there are a few microphone screeches this is do to engineering error and not Miljenko vocals. The sound and picture quality are excellent even for something recorded seventeen years ago. If I am not mistaken, the live footage shot from three or four different camera angles, which, leads me to believe this section of the DVD was released on VHS probably in the early nineties. Miljenko vocal screams are dead on proving why he is the ultimate vocalist. Steelheart s set list included a song called Girl Gone Crazy which, is not on the American release of their self-titled debut. This song was either a b-side (which, in that time was very common) or, a track that is on the Japanese release. In between the sixth and seventh song of the band s set list there is a drum/guitar solo and though they were awesome, and yes, I am fully aware solo s were huge during th -- 

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