STEELHEART "GOOD 2B ALIVE" download with "Cover Art"
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Mili Matijevic has taken rock music to a whole new level. Fusing the past, present and the future together he has created an undeniable piece of art. A modern day led Zeppelin (Mitch Lafon. Matijevic's vocals are better than ever. Every song takes you on a journey; a journey that paints a portrait of his life and in doing so enables the listener to feel the song as if it were their own. The album consists of everything from raw heavy guitars to a full string section which was recorded at Sky walker Sound Orchestrated by (Barbara Christmann). Written, produced, designed and conceived by Miljenko, he truly has embarked on a new beginning. He invites all of you to sit back and enjoy the ride! See Reviews at

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STEELHEART "GOOD 2B ALIVE" download with "Cover Art"

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