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One of the most captivating and inspiring songs you will ever hear sung by: Miljenko Matijevic.  Miljenko delivers a touching rendition of Hallelujah Written By the late Leonard Cohan. Recorded for the holidays, this track captures the true emotion and the spirit of "Hallelujah". Accompanied by piano, string section and a choir.


Written By: Leonard Cohan
Produced By:  Miljenko Matijevic

Recorded at SteelHeart Studios
Vocals By: Miljenko MatijevicEngineered by: M. Matijevic 
Mixed by: Dan Brodbeck 
Mastered @ João Carvalho Mastering
Orchestarted By: Miljenko Matijevic •

Additional help with Orchastration: Loren Ludwig, Mary Simpson 
Cover and CD Photo By: Aaron Farrington  
Piano: Paul Ferlan 
Back Vox:Joia Wood 
Flute: Max Katz 
Strings Viola Degamba – Loren Ludwig Cello - Andrew Gabbert Violins - Mary Simpson 
Choir Stratton Salidis, Joia Wood Gianna Gregory, Paul Ferlan, Ali Cheff, Peter Markush

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HALLELUJAH digital download Holiday Music by Miljenko

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