Good 2B Alive - Rare Misprint Version - SIGNED
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Ultra Rare "Misprint" version of the album "Good 2B Alive" - Hand Sigend by Miljenko.

The music and other contents are the same - but the cover is missing the final color wash. Found in an unmarked box - these come directly from Miljenko... and he is not sure how many exist.


GET A FREE POSTER INSIDE!! Miljenko Matijevic has taken rock music to a whole new level. Fusing the past, present and the future together he has created an undeniable piece of art. A modern day led Zeppelin? (Mitch Lafon. Matijevic's vocals are better than ever. Every song takes you on a journey; a journey that paints a portrait of his life and in doing so enables the listener to feel the song as if it were their own. A voice full of passion, power and depth, this is one album that stands apart from the rest. The album consists of everything from raw heavy guitars to a full string section which was recorded at Sky walker Sound Orchestrated by (Barbara Christmann). Written, produced, designed and conceived by Miljenko, he truly has embarked on a new beginning. He invites all of you to sit back and enjoy the ride! See Reviews at

  • Item #: CD-G2BA-MP-SIGNED001

Good 2B Alive - Rare Misprint Version - SIGNED

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